Giorgia-May x tuftyhead – Intertwine

Music can be a lot of things for different people. So many sounds out there, as well as styles from different artists to fit any mood or preference you have, but even with something as subjective as music there’s no denying when you connect to a record emotionally. A record that just has soul to it as the music resonates majorly to show the levels that will always exist for music. With a song like “Intertwine” from Giorgia-Mary and tuftyhead you know its a song that is must hear.

As soon as you hit play you get engulfed in the approach of the music, with the sound capturing the sexy soul feel perfectly to make you slow down and feel the music. For this smooth sound you get a vocal performance that shines in its sweet tone, as well as presence with the vocals majestically gliding through every groove the music has to offer, and bringing the love in the writing to life to give us all that fresh reminder of how great of an experience R&B music can be, when its done at a high level. If you’re looking to hear a record that feels so good to hear, you hope it never ends then you surely owe it to yourself to hear this one.

Check out Giorgia-May and tuftyhead “Intertwine” below and follow them on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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