Frankie June – Norman Rockwell Christmas

Frankie June – Norman Rockwell Christmas

The holiday season is here! Which means during this festive time you can always expect new music to fit the times. The season has always had its classics but it’s always great when you can hear a new song, that could be added to that bunch and Frankie June’s “Norman Rockwell Christmas” is one of those songs.

It has a smooth undeniable vibe that just feels good to hear and makes for audio magic. The production captures a new soul Christmas feel, that melts you and once the vocals come in they take you away. It has such mastery in its tone with a sweetness, that truly brings the lyrics to life to make it an instant classic that’s just on time, and a tune you will surely will not be able to get enough of.

Check out Frankie June “Norman Rockwell Christmas” below and follow her on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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