This site was started as just fans of music covering content that we enjoyed. Songs that made us real fans of not only the song but the artist behind it as well, so any time we get a song from an artist we enjoy it makes things that much sweeter and that’s definitely the case from the new release from BÉBE YANA on her new release “VROOM VROOM”.

It’s has a fresh touch to the music that not only makes for an exciting listen but also just feels really good to hear. Her sweet vocals are mesmerizing and does wonders to the spirit, as the lyrics fly so effortlessly and flow through the incredible production, with a great alt pop sounds with a great breakbeat touch to it that makes it super infectious. BÉBE not only marvels in the audio but the visuals are impressive as well bringing us a full scope of artistry, that makes us all get invested in this must hear talent in a real way.

Check out BÉBE YANA “VROOM VROOM” below and follow her on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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