When hearing new music it’s great to hear something that is fresh. Something that embodies the newness you like to hear when playing something new, as you get to hear a creative put in work to craft something, that stands out in its own originality as well as creativity. HART brings that type of fresh energy that makes you get invested in an artist with the new song “ESCAPE”.

A genre bending masterpiece that does everything right to make something must hear. It’s a stand out record that is engaging in every facet to keep us invested. Bringing a major sound that you can get lost in that packs knock, that HART maneuvers through brilliantly with a great melodic tone, matched a grand hip hop cadence that packs major bravado to make the writing stand out even more to make for an undeniable hit that shines to the fullest.

Check out HART “Escape” below and follow him on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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