Ode Broham – All Inclusive Intro

Ode Broham – All Inclusive Intro

In a genre like Hip Hop music it’s important for an artist to have flex to them. To have a charisma in their approach to make you feel their presence, as you buy into their artistry in a real way. Ode Broham is an artist who has that and so much more with his new super dope release “All Inclusive Intro”.

Everything in this record works in perfect harmony to make one major record to give the culture something exciting to be apart of. The production helps set the tone with a sound packing major knock that Ode’s flow bounces and flexes over in a major way to let his star presence shine, while his quote worthy bars deliver in every line to help him stand out as the big time talent he is, to put us all on notice.

Check out Ode Broham “All Inclusive Intro” below and follow him on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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