Koralie – with u

Koralie – with u

R&B music is one of the longest lasting genres around present day. A style of music that is timeless due to the emotional connection it has always been able to make with its fans, on a soul level to make it something you can’t go with out. Koralie is able to capture this feel and makes a stand out record with endless vibes with her new song “with u”.

This song may be her debut release, but she has the presence of a true vet, with her stand out level of talent shining in each facet of the record. The production has a smooth vibe that slows down time to make you feel the music, as her sweet angelic vocals glide through it all effortlessly to make you feel the writing that comes to life and really shines in the chorus, to breathe fresh life into R&B music as well as put us all on notice of this special artist who has something we all need to pay attention to.

Check out Koralie “with u” below and follow her in Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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