With so much music coming out, it’s easy to feel that most songs are on the same level. All flowing together to the point they can all sound the same, but when a song is able to stand out, it’s truly something special. When it has a mastery in its approach to show that there is still levels to music, and a star will always be able to shine through. Jr. Rhodes is one of those stars with his new song “PALMTREE HIGH”.

The song and visuals shine through in the care put into them, taking you back to a time where everything felt next level, with the appeal in the approach truly working wonders. Jr.’s smooth vocals sound like they are ready for the world and makes you put your subjectivity to the side, to enjoy this undeniable body of work, with the big time approach being done just right, to make a major hit with a amazing chorus, that will keep you singing along to this must hear jam.

Check out Jr. Rhodes and topboypoison “PALMTREE HIGH” below and follow him on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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