Music is a wide ranging art that serves many purposes including a sweet escape for the listener. That thing that you can hit play on after a long day and all of your problems seem to go away, as the music flows to your ears. That feeling is what you get from BRYANT KEITH on the new song “TIDES”.

A brilliant record that lives up to the name, as the waves wash over the listener in a real way. Sonically it brilliantly shows the magic of R&B music with a smooth sound that is carried by emotive piano chords, and masterful tone in the vocals that you feel the soul in for every note, while the lyrics come to life to make a record that slows down time for you to take it all in. When the music is done the only thing you wish is that you had more time with it, to give you a song that has unlimited replay value for time to come.

Check out BRYANT KEITH “TIDES” below and follow him on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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