Brandon Kai – KICK THE DOOR IN

Brandon Kai – KICK THE DOOR IN

In a time where there’s so much music out there, it’s mega important for an artist to not waste a single second, showing the world what they have to offer. Knowing that you have to make a real impression on the listener or you may never get the chance again, the music has to be undeniable quick and Brandon Kai brings that with his new song “KICK THE DOOR IN”.

The song lives up to the title in a real way with Brandon kicking through our speakers, and taking our full attention to make fans of us all. The production brings major knock to make things instantly engaging and he raps for dear life, with his desire to be great coming across in a real way, as he fires off at will lyrically to make something undeniable and must hear for fans everywhere!

Check out Brandon Kai “KICK THE DOOR IN” below and follow him on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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