Rah Cashiano – The Biggest

Rah Cashiano – The Biggest

In Hip Hop music it’s not enough to just say the right things but you also have to have conviction. An authenticity to you that makes people buy into you because they know you are the real deal. That’s what you get from Rah Cashiano on his new release “The Biggest”.

Everything about this record is exciting and makes for an engaging experience of music worth every listen. The production is hard hitting and sets the ultimate tone for us to get invested in, while Rah’s raw flow shining in its commanding presence to make you pay attention to the artistry coming to life, as his braggadocios raps deliver in a real way to make true fans out of anyone who listens.

Check out Rah Cashiano “The Biggest” below and follow him on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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