Walter The Producer- SLOW DOWN

Walter The Producer- SLOW DOWN

When hearing new music it’s always great to hear a song that’s fresh in its approach. Bringing music in a new creative way that embodies what it is to hear something new, as well being able to hear something that shows the power of an artist not going with the flow, but riding their own wave of music to the fullest. That’s what’s you get from Walter The Producer on the new release “SLOW DOWN”.

The record does a grand job of infusing Indie Pop with a nice touch of soul, to make for one brilliant sound you can feel on an emotional level, as well being layered to perfection to make a sound you can explore in a real way. Walter also not only impresses sonically but vocally he has a lot to offer as well with a tone that’s reminiscent of Prince, in his falsetto tone, to being major life to the writing to make one complete body of work, that encompasses the art that music can be.

Check out Walter The Producer “SLOW DOWN” below and follow him on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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