BENJI & Their Orchestra – fake sand beaches

BENJI & Their Orchestra – fake sand beaches

When covering music some songs just do the work for you. Having such a mastery in the approach that you don’t have to think of the right things to say, as your true opinion guides your words as you just show how much of a fan of the experience the music gives you. With this new release from BENJI & Their Orchestra “fake sand beaches” it’s impossible to not get swept in the waves of the magic.

It embodies an easy listening sound to the fullest, with the only work being for the listener to hit play, and enjoy the vision that comes to life. The smooth jazz approach to the sound is brilliantly crafted with amazing grooves sweeping you away, with a nice horn arrangement that takes things to a righteous level to set an amazing tone. As the music flows so does the vocals that are warm in their tone and glides so effortlessly through the music to deliver the writing just right, to make a song that’s impossible not to fall in love with for every second.

Check out BENJI & Their Orchestra “fake sand beaches” below and follow them on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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