Christopha – Life is a Movie

Christopha – Life is a Movie

One of the best things to hear from an artist is continual growth. When you hear their music and with each release, the quality keeps getting better instead of drying up due to the song output. For Christopha he’s been on fire with his releases, with each one being a stand out in its own right. With his latest effort “Life is a Movie” he really gets impressive in his wordplay.

The music captures a hard rap sound that he takes full advantage of to show his high grade of talent. He’s bold in his approach and doesn’t hesitate in any way to show all he has to offer, with strong wordplay that’s vidid in its detail to the live up to the title, as the picture comes to life for you. Every word being delivered with the right amount of intensity to make everything felt with powerful delivery to make him an undeniable emcee, who you have to bear witness to.

Check out Christopha “Life is a Movie” below and follow him on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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