Nick Marks – Asymptomatrix

Nick Marks – Asymptomatrix

With the current music landscape there’s more songs than anyone has time for. Countless releases dropping daily from established and new artists making it hard for anyone to truly stand out. A song just has to have something special that you can’t deny to make you stop and listen and Nick Marks has that with his new song “Asymptomatrix”.

A brilliant display of audio art that breathes fresh life into the culture in a real way. The creativity that music is known for is what this record shines in, having incredible wizardry in the layers to the music, that speak to each other perfectly to make one cohesive sound, and builds impressively to take you on a wild ride, that also feels good to hear with the music stopping time to make us all get lost in this exciting world of music that Nick Marks brings to life to make fans of us all, from this daring masterpiece.

Check out Nick Marks “Asymptomatrix” below and follow him on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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