Michael Kirby – Black Professional

Michael Kirby – Black Professional

Hip Hop has long been a genre that is known for the real put into music. Great emcees have been able to take real issues and put them into song to connect to the listener at a higher level, due to its ability to relate to the common man, in a many ways most songs do not. Those releases have always had a timeless feel to them, because of the lasting effect of the truth in it, and Michael Kirby has that type of music with his new song “Black Professional”.

Each part of the record plays its part to the fullest to bring one vision to life to connect to the listener, as well as give us all something to think about. The production captures a great soul sound with knocking percussion and sweet piano chords setting the tone for Michael’s pen to flourish, with his sharp lyrics and relatable substance coming to life by his poetic flow, that perfectly weaves it all together to make one incredible record that does everything right to make a classic of a record, to give us that more we all love in music.

Check out Michael Kirby “Black Professional” below and follow him on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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