Kash Alexus – Eviction Notice

Kash Alexus – Eviction Notice

If there is any genre of music that is crowded it’s definitely Hip Hop. One of the most accessible genres of music to make opens it up to so many people trying their hand at it. So much to the point artist have to be beyond special to stand out and Kash Alexus stands out in a real way with her new song “Eviction Notice”.

Kash doesn’t waste a single second or a bar to deliver a true masterpiece. The production serves its purpose and sets an engaging tone full of knock to bring an exhilarating feel to the music, that’s perfect for the rhyme approach. Her rhyming is viscous with a flow that is filled with conviction, as well as heart with her desire to make it coming through in the music at a high level, while the lyrics shine to the fullest to show she’s the real deal in every way.

Check out Kash Alexus “Eviction Notice” below and follow her on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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