Fleece – Stay At Home Boy

Fleece – Stay At Home Boy

Music is most exciting when it’s undeniable. Especially as a curator when you can hear so many songs nothing stands out, but some songs when you hit play, you know it’s a waste of time to even deny because of the mastery put into the music. That type of music is what you get from Fleece on their new brilliant introvert anthem “Stay At Home Boy”.

The music does a lot of things really well especially bringing the title to life, with a song that sounds like the perfect party to have with yourself. The infectious energy in the music brought to life by the big time electro instruments making a major sound, that will have you dancing with headphones having the time of your life. It also shines righteously vocally with a big time vocal performance that shines through the major sound, with star charisma that shines bright to make the writing come to life, on a record that doesn’t miss in its pursuit to make a song the entire world will love.

Check out Fleece “Stay At Home Boy” below and follow them on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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