Egzod x Maestro Chives – Royalty (Remix by Don Diablo)

Egzod x Maestro Chives – Royalty (Remix by Don Diablo)

Remixes have long been the exciting sequel to a song you already love. Being able to reimagine the record in a whole new way to show you how far the vision can go, as well as make you a fan of the original, while also making room to enjoy the newness being brought to life to make a fresh experience and the new remix of Egzod and Maestro Chives by Don Diablo, is truly a musical experience to be apart of.

The big time energy in the music is one of this song’s greatest assets, embodying the EDM sound to the fullest, with pumping electro synths being matched with hard percussion that is layered to perfection to make one full sound, that creates a world around you worth exploring every detail of. Making music that stands out is tough and making music without lyrics can be even tougher, but this new release rises to the occasion with ease, giving us incredible progression to keep it engaging but even more exciting to make a song worth coming back to for time to come.

Check out Egzod and Maestro Chives “Royalty (Remix by Don Diablo) below. Stay Global my Friends!

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