New Sound Nation x Darius & Finlay x Yumpo – Cake

New Sound Nation x Darius & Finlay x Yumpo – Cake

A song always has a great chance of standing out when its able to fill a void. When it can look at the current landscape of music and see what it needs to add more life to it. With as much music that is out there its actually hard to find songs, that have a feel of happiness to it. That have a bright touch to it that makes you want to dance, but New Sound Nation comes together with Darius & Finlay, and Yumpo to make an ultra smash with “Cake”.

The sound is mega and really lives up to the title with a sound that’s sweet and that you can eat up for every second. It encompasses a big time Pop and EDM sound that is layered to perfection, to make one major sound full of energy, that takes over the body and makes you want to dance to the magic that comes to life. It not only marvels in the sound but the vocals as well packing mass appeal in the tone, to make it a radio hit, just as much as a dance club hit to give a true experience you can get lost in for time to come.

Check out New Sound Nation, Darius & Finlay, and Yumpo “Cake” below. Stay Global my Friends!

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