Movie Night – Haunted

Movie Night – Haunted

One of the most exciting things to hear in music is a big time record. A song that you hear and know it was meant for the world to hear, with a mastery in its approach that separates it in a real way, from the songs you consume on the daily. When you get a song like that its impossible to ignore and that is what you get from Movie Night on their new song “Haunted”.

Being fans of great group and artist names we first start with the group name, Movie Night. A really great name that builds intrigue and with their sound they bring the same type of excitement and fun that a movie night brings. The music shines in a real way especially in the production that blends the presence of Rock music, with the appeal of Pop to set a masterful tone, and progresses majorly with so much magic happening at the 50 second mark, its impossible not to get wrapped into it all.

The song not only stands out in the production but the writing, also shine in its relatable substance to bring the post break up feels to make it something we can all feel, and taking things over the top with the vocal performance that rises to the occasion to make for a record for fans everywhere to enjoy.

Check out Movie Night “Haunted” below and follow them on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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