In music each genre has their own special thing that gets people invested. For reference with Rock music you can expect a full sound or even Hip Hop you expect to hear dope sounds with braggadocios content, but with a Trap/ EDM sound you know you are hearing music that can take over anywhere and WINK embodies that with his new stand out release “TELLMEWHY”.

As soon as you hit play they get you on the hook with a strong electro feel to the music that progresses at an incredible tempo to take you on a wild ride, while the hard hitting percussion punches with intensity, to take you on every dip and turn the music takes you on. The dreamy touch by the pad work brings exceptional balance, and aided even more by the ambient vocals to really create a world around the listener, that by the time the music ends, you can’t wait to hit play and go back to this exciting world he brings to life through song.

Check out WINK “TELLMEWHY” below and follow them on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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