palmboy – antisocial

palmboy – antisocial

With as subjective as music can be, some songs just have a glow to them that not only defies one preference, but also feel like they were meant to be heard by the world. Having an appeal in the music that can’t be contained as the for sure hit qualities of it comes to life in a real way. That’s what you get from palmboy on the new song “antisocial”.

The song does a lot of things really well starting with the writing. In a time where songs can be all about just the vibe of it, this song gives a fresh reminder of a well written song, bringing a new perspective to the word “antisocial” and bringing a lot of love to it that shines through in the music majorly. It’s all delivered by a vocal performance with great life and emotion to it that is a match made in heaven with the Pop/ Rock infused sound that sets the tone for it all to flourish in a real way.

Check out palmboy “antisocial” below and follow him on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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