Dr Chrispy- The Great Unknown

Dr Chrispy- The Great Unknown

With music it’s not only about making something that sounds good, but also something that feels good to hear. We’ve long connected to song beyond the sounds but the emotion and feeling we take on when we hear it. With a song like The Great Unknown” from Dr. Chrispy you get a song that sounds like pure magic.

The music brings a fresh Commercial sound with a new age sound that makes it feel like a whole new world you can’t wait to explore, while also shining vocally as well. Having a big time presence to its tone and energy that makes it shine through majorly to bring major life to the writing to make it a sure hit for the world to embrace. If you love good music this is one record you owe it to yourself to listen to, and hear the brilliance that is on full display.

Check out Dr. Chrispy “The Great Unknown” below and follow them on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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