Christopha – Issues

Christopha – Issues

One of the biggest issues in Hip Hop present day is does the genre still have substance. Can you still find music that is rooted in soul, and has a real message that can connect to people beyond just a good song, but a real experience that pours into the listener. Those songs are harder to find by the day but an artist like Christopha has all of that and so much more, with his new song “Issues” being a great example of that.

The production sets the tone for us to bare witness to his vision, with a chill lo fi sound filled with chill percussion and melancholy piano melodies that slows things down to consume what the record has to offer. Christopha always shines in his presence and does a grand job of not only delivering in the flow, but conveying the right amount of emotion at every turn to make the heartfelt substance, that much more sweeter to take in, as he brings the vision to life to make a true connection with the listener that can last a lifetime.

Check out Christopha “Issues” below and follow him on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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