BÉBE YANA – Vision Getting Blurred

BÉBE YANA – Vision Getting Blurred

With listening to so much music it’s easy to feel like nothing stands out anymore but it’s always so refreshing to hear songs that do a grand job of separating themselves. Getting to hear songs full of fresh life that show just how much room is left for creativity and innovation to flourish. That’s what you get from BÉBE YANA on her new song “Vision Getting Blurred”.

It’s a release we heard and instantly became real fans. The sound does a tremendous job of setting a tone that gets you invested with a dreamy driving sound that brings you into a new world you’re so happy to be. For this fresh sound you get a vocal performance full of star charisma that shines bright to give the writing that extra glow, to make you fall in love with this must hear sound, from this must hear talent.

Check out BÉBE YANA “Vision Getting Blurred” below and follow them on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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