ATL Jacob – MF Problem

ATL Jacob – MF Problem

Hip Hop has long produced musicians who are not only producers but rappers as well. Including such as Dr, Dre, RZA, and Large Professor to name a few that have showcased the ability to be sharp in the sounds, as well as the rhymes to show their wide range of talent. ATL Jacob who is fresh from his Grammy winning work with Future, is another producer who shows true talent in rapping with his new song “MF Problem”.

He brings a soulful Hip Hop sound to life with great samples mixed with hard percussion, that connects with the listener on a higher level to set the tone for his vision. With this being his first release we all wait to see how he sounds and he delivers in a real way with sharp and witty lyrics that are impressive in their approach, and delivering with a flow that is packed with conviction to make you not only believe in him, but also hear how much he believes in his own music to make fans of us all, with this artist that has so much to offer the world.

Check out ATL Jacob “MF Problem” below and follow him on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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