Jet City Sports Club – My Everything

Jet City Sports Club – My Everything

A song has a really great way of grabbing you when you feel the love in the music. When are you able to hit play and get swept up in the beauty of the sound that captivates you, as you feel all the many intricacies of the song working together to make something truly special. That experience of music is what you get from Jet City Sports Club on their new song “My Everything”.

We first must acknowledge how awesome the group name is, with a special intrigue that makes you want to hear what they sound like and once you hit play you get all you could want and so much more. The breezy indie pop approach to the music sets a brilliant emotive tone that slows down time to take in the music, as well as the writing that is brilliant in its articulation, and delivered by an amazing vocal performance that is warm enough in its tone to melt you with every note, to make for a record that you will want to keep close for time to come.

Check out Jet City Sports Club “My Everything” below and follow them on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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