spitty the sequel – Grave Rot

spitty the sequel – Grave Rot

To stand out as an artist present day, its more important than ever to make music people can feel. Something that goes far beyond just something for people to nod their head to, but feel in their soul as something real when they need to hear it most. That type of experience is what you get from spitty the sequel on his new must hear release “Grave Rot”.

The record runs wild in the spirit of heartfelt hip hop before its time when an authenticity in the approach that makes you feel the music in a real way. As soon as you hit play you get wrapped up in the melancholy piano chords setting the tone, for spitty to deliver and when he raps he delivers with so much conviction that every rhyme comes to life in a real way, due to the relatable substance in the lyrics, and the genius level ability to convey the right amount of emotion at every turn, to make sure this is a record we will keep in rotation for time to come.

Check out spitty the sequel “Grave Rot” below and follow him on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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