Gabriela Bee – Look At You Now

Gabriela Bee – Look At You Now

Going through so much music you can only hope to find some good gems along the way but what’s even sweeter is finding the next big star. That artist you hear and you know for certain without a doubt they will be huge, and you will hear their name around the world. The person I am taking about is 16 year old artist Gabriela Bee with her new song “Look At You Now”.

She has a presence and mastery in her approach that beyond her years that makes for great music like no other. The production is able to set a soft emotive tone in the verses that Gabriela’s vocals are a match made in heaven with to make you feel the writing, that she’s delivers with the right tone and emotion at every turn, that all leads to the major chorus that stops you in your tracks, and gives you everything you look for when listening to a new smash. If you’re looking for a stand out talent to get invested in that shines above the plethora of new releases out there, this is one that is worth every listen.

Check out Gabriela Bee “Look At You Now” below and follow her on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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