Billy & the Kidz – Lovesick

Billy & the Kidz – Lovesick

In todays landscape of music its not about songs being good anymore. With so much music out there as well as tools, there’s a standard of quality that every song is at least solid, making it more than just about the sound but how much a song can connect with you. How much you are able to relate to the substance in the lyrics, as well as feeling the artist is what separates songs the most currently and Billy & the Kidz stand out in a real way on their new song “Lovesick”.

The song is instantly engaging in many ways including the group name that builds intrigue to see what they sound like and once you listen you are in for something special. As soon as you hit play you are grabbed in by the guitar rock that help set an exhilarating tone that keeps you strapped in for every second they deliver. Not only marveling in the sound, vocally it shines in its presence as well with a daring energy to the vocals that gives more life to the relatable writing about the wrong love at the wrong time to make it something the masses can connect to on every level, to make it a smash worth every listen.

Check out Billy & the Kidz “Lovesick” below and follow them on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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