Adanna Duru – if i was a boy

Adanna Duru – if i was a boy

With something as subjective as music its really tough to find songs that give you everything. When you get to hear a song and listen to the perfect storm of artistry that is able to give you major appeal in the sound, matched with great depth in the writing, and strong vocals that resonate on a soul level. That mix is tough to capture but Adanna Duru brings a brilliant display of music that connects in a real way with her new song “if i was a boy”.

On the surface you get a bright bubbly record that has a sound in the production that feels good to hear with a fresh approach, to the music that embodies what its like to hear something new but as you listen deeper you get so much more. The writing is one of this record’s shining aspects with great creativity and relatability that women everywhere can feel, while also having so much life in her vocals that makes you feel her presence, as well as the person behind the music with the music being able to grab you in, and gives you a record that feels as good as it sounds to make something you truly can’t miss out on.

Check out Adanna Duru “if i was a boy” below and follow her on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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