Holliday Howe – kamakarmic

Holliday Howe – kamakarmic

When hearing new music it’s always great to hear music as well as an artist that is fresh in their approach. When you hit play and get to enjoy a creativity in the approach that breathes fresh life into the music scene, as well as brings us closer to the creative behind the music. Holliday Howe does a brilliant job of that with her new stand out release “kamakarmic”.

It shines in it’s ability of not fitting in one box, or following any trend, but running wild in its own free spirit of innovation. The music captures a great hyperpop emotive sound with a brightness, that flows perfectly with the vocals that have a nice soft tone that makes you feel the music at a higher level, and delivers the ultra relatable substance in the writing to the fullest, to make us fall in love with this special talent that has music and visuals for the world to enjoy.

Check out Holliday Howe “kamakarmic” below and follow her on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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