REZILIENCE x Sky Pola – New Opp

REZILIENCE x Sky Pola – New Opp

With so many great records coming out daily, it’s important for a song to not waste anytime getting you invested. Giving you an engaging experience as soon as you hit play to the point you get wrapped up in the music, and can’t turn away from it. That’s what you get from REZILIENCE and Sky Pola on the new song “New Opp”.

The music instantly grabs you with its commanding energy bringing a hard drill sound that knocks and serves as the perfect soundtrack to this thrilling experience they bring to life. Each artist marvels in their own style to make one major record, with impressive rhymes that pack a punch in each line to get your full attention, and raw flows that deliver each line to the fullest to make sure we get a must hear record that puts the culture on notice in a real way.

Check out REZILENCE and Sky Pola “New Opp” and follow them on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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