PAENDA – get tough

PAENDA – get tough

Music has always been one of those special things that get us through like no other. Songs have long been able to make a lifetime connection with us due to its ability to tell us what we need to hear, in such divine timing that picks us up and gives us life. That type of music is what you get from PAENDA on her new song “get tough”.

It’s does a grand job of bringing a big time Pop sound together, with strong writing to make the perfect storm of artistry. The Commercial appeal to the music brings a digestibility to the music that makes it sound ready for the world, while PAENDA lets her powerful approach to the vocals, touch the listener with motivational substance in the writing to make for a timeless listen that gives you everything you could want from a record and more.

Check out PAENDA “get tough” below and follow her on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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