Okie Doke x Seefor Yourself – Mike Jack Summer

Okie Doke x Seefor Yourself – Mike Jack Summer

Hip Hop has always been a thing of collaboration. Since the first commercial release “Rappers Delight” you’ve been able to hear artists come together, to make one major track that gets the culture excited. That tradition still stands true especially with a release like “Mike Jack Summer” from Okie Doke and Seefor Yourself.

The record encompasses what is for artists to throw on a beat and just let their words fly at will. They both shine in their own individual styles, while also coming together to make major noise, with high power in the flows, that strong enough to deliver the hard rhymes that raise your eyebrows with every quote worthy line they deliver, to pour more life into this culture of Hip Hop we all love.

Check out Okie Doke and Seefor Yourself “Mike Jack Summer” below and follow them on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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