KJ(!) – Make ‘em Say

KJ(!) – Make ‘em Say

As a Hip Hop artist there’s no room for hesitancy. People have to be able to hit play on your record and hear the talent, as well as feel your presence to truly make a name for yourself in this game. With an artist like KJ(!) you know when you hear him you’re hearing a master at his craft and his new release “Make ‘em say” is a record to keep the culture talking.

He shows greatness lyrical prowess and sharp emceeing on his pursuit of making must hear music. The sound captures a great live band feel with a nice touch of soul to add to the authenticity that shines in his approach, with his strong presence working right along with the strong sound to make something undeniable. To take things over the top he marvels lyrically in a time where focus can be lost on words, he brings extra care to the rhyming to show the power of an emcee being powerful with their words to make something everlasting.

Check out KJ(!) “Make ‘em Say” below and follow him on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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