James Noble – Crown

James Noble – Crown

Hip Hop is a genre that was built off its realism. That special thing that goes beyond just a style of music but a way of life, with the music being able to connect with the people due to the soul and transparency in the music. When an artist does that you make a lifetime connection with them and that’s what you get from James Noble on his new release “Crown”.

A powerful record that gives the listener that more to get them through. He’s brilliant at telling his life story in an ultra relatable way for the listener to be able to connect to due to the depth in the music. It’s lyrically upper echelon, while also having a catchy chorus to make one smash of a record that knocks to the fullest, to make a record that will get you through in a major way.

Check our James Noble “Crown” below and follow him on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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