Arum – Startup Sounds

Arum – Startup Sounds

Here at Global Money World we hardly ever cover releases without lyrics. Usually due to the fact a lot of songs that are just instruments aren’t engaging enough to our personal taste, but when we do we know we are hearing something remarkable. Something special that breaks the rules and defies convention to make a work of art. Arum’s new song “Startup Sounds” is one of those records.

The innovation in the music is second to none with it having a freshness in the approach that music can lack present day. It brings a brilliant electro sound to life with incredible melodies and progressions that push this perfectly layered sound to its rightful destination of must hear music. If you’re looking for a sound worth exploring then you will love everything this record has to offer.

Check out Arum “Startup Sounds” below and follow him on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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