Naia Lika – Cyber Hangover

Naia Lika – Cyber Hangover

One of the hardest things to find present day in music is feel good energy. Countless releases coming out daily but lacking that feel good spirit that classic records hold, that makes us keep running back to them to get wrapped up in the blissful energy of the music. If you’ve been feeling that void like we have you enjoy this release from Naia Lika called “Cyber Hangover”.

It has a big time Pop sound that has major appeal, while also having a nice retro touch, with a fresh twist to it to make you fall in love with the music instantly. Naia shines in her amazing presence with a sweet vocal performance that sounds like it was meant for the world to hear, as she brings the incredible writing to life especially in the mega chorus that takes this song over the top righteously.

Check out Naia Lika “Cyber Hangover” below and follow her on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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