Rae.Dianz Featuring BlckTeeth – FRANK

Rae.Dianz Featuring BlckTeeth – FRANK

Happy Monday!!! Hope everyone is having a great holiday weekend and looking to keep things going with great music. We always try to start the week off on a high note to make sure we bring the best music possible, and with this new release from Rae.Dianz featuring BlckTeeth called “FRANK” we know we have something must hear to share.

Any time we see Rae.Dianz name we know we ae going to hear amazing quality, but with this release she showcases some of her best work to date, to show her artistic growth. The music is able to bring a true soulful experience to slow down time, for you to enjoy it all with a sound that feels like the bittersweet end of summer, with a nice acoustic touch to add that extra care to the music. As the music flows you get to really dive into the heartfelt vocals, that makes the relatable substance in the writing felt even more to make for a timeless release, that you must make room for now!

Check out Rae.Dianz featuring Blckteeth “FRANK” below and follow them on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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