Cherri V – Lonely One

Cherri V – Lonely One

As an artist its important to have authenticity in your approach. Especially in todays musical climate where there are so many artists and songs out, as well as all sounding alike its important to bring the people that something more that makes a real connection with the people. Cherri V gives that more that makes us real fans on her new song “Lonely One”.

We were first introduced to Cherri V’s incredible style of music on her song “Purpose” and with his latest release “Lonely One” she gives us more of what we love on her pursuit of greatness. The heartfelt approach to the music helps it shine like class soul music before its time, with the record being one you can every intricacy of. She lyrically daring in her approach with the realism in the writing making it feel just time to be the aid we need to hear, while also impressing vocally to make sure its all heard and felt on the righteous level it deserves to make fans of us all.

Check out Cherri V “Lonely One” below and follow her on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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