Blanco x Arathejay – Unruly

Blanco x Arathejay – Unruly

Music always has a way of sticking with you when it just simply feels good to hear. Those songs you can hit play on at any time and get wrapped up in the vibes presented to have a pleasurable experience of music, that will have you coming back for time to come. That’s what you get from this new smash of a collaboration from Blanco and Arathejay called “Unruly”.

A song that captures the magic of the Afrobeats sound to make a stand out record. The infectious energy in the music captures you instantly, with incredible rhythms and grooves working in divine timing to keep you moving for every second. With the sound going to work so does their artistic presence with the vocals shining in their artistry, and swagger that makes you buy into them as they showcase their star power to the fullest to make something that cant be denied.

Check out Blanco and Arathejay “Unruly” below and follow them on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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