Urban Fu$e – Scarred Dreamer

Urban Fu$e – Scarred Dreamer

As an artist its not only important to make music that sounds good but also music people can relate to. That music that anyone can hit play on and be able to make a true connection with the listener, due to the care put into the record to make sure its a song that can last the times, as it all connects in a real way. That type of music what you get from Urban Fu$e on the new song “Scarred Dreamer”.

The record does a great job of genre bending to make one must hear record. It has the appeal and digestibility of Pop music in the digestibility to give it a radio ready feel that works wonders, while being matched with the realness and soul of Hip Hop music in the verses. The lyrics are well crafted and shine in their story telling as well as relatable substance that come to life in a real way, and shines even more in the big time chorus to make for a record that gives you everything, to make you enjoy it and keep coming back for more from this timeless listen.

Check out Urban Fu$e “Scarred Dreamer” below and follow them on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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