Gold Mozae – Losin My Mind

Gold Mozae – Losin My Mind

Songs always have a special feel to them when they’re big time in their approach. When you are able to hit play on a song and the hear the appeal in the approach, that you know will take it far with a ready for the world sound that you know the world will love. That big time energy is what you get from this incredible release from Gold Mozae called “Losin My Mind”.

A Pop and EDM infused sound that brings the party to listener to make for a song you can get lost in. The music is able to capture a dark club feel that makes you want to move, with the pumping 808’s, electro melodies, and strong progressions working in perfect harmony to make one major sound. It not only impresses in the production but vocally it has a nice presence and charisma, that serves as the perfect emcee for this party brought to life, to make a record that gives you everything on its pursuit of supreme of music.

Check out Gold Mozae “Losin My Mind” below and follow them on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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