Brotha Josh – The High Life

Brotha Josh – The High Life

With some artist you always know you’re gonna get good music. Always impressing in the sound you no longer worry if you’re going to like the song but just how much. Whenever we see a release from Brotha Josh we know he’s delivering magic and with his new song “The High Life” he shows just how funky he can get.

The Funk approach to the music brings major flavor to the sound with lush grooves and incredible rhythm building throughout to make you fall in love with the sound more each second. Brotha Josh’s signature vocals sound better with every listen, with a mastery in his approach that makes you feel the soul in the music, as well as the writing that comes together in divine timing in the perfectly crafted verses, that serve u the chorus you wont be able to stop singing, to make for a song that gives you more to discover and love with each listen.

Check out Brotha Josh “The High Life” below and follow him on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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