NewLanta CAP – Oh Lord

NewLanta CAP – Oh Lord

Two things that will always go to together is incredible lyricism and hard beats. The two go hand and hand in making a Hip Hop smash. It’s something about a rapper throwing on a beat and really going for his, that will always connect in a major way. That type of music is a rarity in these times but if you ever need that feel look no further than NewLanta CAP new song “Oh Lord”.

He shows off his supreme lyrical prowess with a commanding presence to make every line felt just as much as it is heard. Not one line is wasted on this incredible record, as he puts on a master class of Hip Hop with him being in top form on this track. The lyrics are sharp and cut deep, with every line that is delivered by his raw slick flow that is commanding in its pursuit, as he snaps over this production that he leaves in shreds to put us all on notice.

Check out NewLanta CAP “Oh Lord” below and follow him on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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