New Friends – High and Dry (Radiohead Cover)

New Friends – High and Dry (Radiohead Cover)

The feat of covering a record is a tough one that can be more challenging then making an original record. Having to bring your own take of a song that people have grown to love, while hoping people enjoy your interpretation, as well as doing the song justice. New Friends handles this in exemplary fashion with their new incredible take on Radiohead’s “High and Dry”.

The music wastes little time getting you invested with a big time sound coming to life as soon as you hit play. It captures the magic of a full sound with the music being layered to perfection adding more energy than the original, with an upbeat touch that pushes the song to its rightful destination especially in the chorus that adds even more life to make for a record you can get lost in. The song doesn’t only impress in the production but its vocally brilliant as well, with a mastery in the tone that lets you feel the music to another level on this song that makes you want to hear the original, while also enjoying the fresh life added to this rendition.

Check out New Friends “High and Dry” below and follow them on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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