Crystal Skies x AMIDY – Nirvana

Crystal Skies x AMIDY – Nirvana

Being a fan of music its always great to hear next level releases. Those songs that you can hear the mastery in the approach, with a big time feel to the music that sounds like everything was crafted with purpose, and for the world to hear. When you hear the new song from Crystal Skies and AMIDY, you know you are hearing something major.

The song goes beyond just a piece of audio being put together but a true experience of music that give the listener that something more, that makes you keep coming back to get wrapped up in the magic of it all. The music captures an out of this world Electro Pop/ EDM sound that progresses in divine timing throughout to take the listener on a ride, as you get wrapped up in every progression and melody the music serves up perfectly, while also being well equipped vocally to make a record that doesn’t miss in its pursuit to make a hit with worldwide appeal. If you’re looking for a song to get invested in this is one that will surely get the job done with a freshness in the approach, that embodies everything you hope to hear when listening to something new, that could only come from people who put true care in the music.

Check out Crystal Skies and AMIDY “Nirvana” below and follow them on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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