Séamus – Hometown Hero

Séamus – Hometown Hero

Happy Friday!!! Hope everyone has able to have a great week and ready to have an even better weekend. As you all know Fridays are always exciting for music fans, with so many releases coming out to give us all something to enjoy, but its also tough to know which songs are worth checking out, so we do our best to sort out what we think our the top releases above the rest. A song that we must share to start the day is Séamus new song “Hometown Hero”.

A brilliant emotive pop ballad that marvels in every way to make a work of art worth every listen. The music instantly catches you in the sound with amazing creativity in the approach that has a nice retro touch, while also feeling so fresh to embody what is to hear something new. Once the sound has you the vocals shine through in a major way with a masterful approach of conveying the right amount of emotion and vulnerability, to feel the writing that tells the story of a forbidden love with such vividness you are able to picture the music, just as well as you can hear and feel it to make a record that gives you every reason to keep coming back to it for time to come.

Check out Séamus “Hometown Hero” below and follow him on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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