Kelli-Leigh – Birds and the Bees

Kelli-Leigh – Birds and the Bees

Music resonates the best when you feel the soul in it. When the artists put their all in to the music, and you feel in your spirit, as you get engulfed in the amazing sounds that they deliver. Those songs always last the times because it last in the mind and spirit of the people. That’s what you get from Kelli-Leigh on the new song “Birds and the Bees”.

A brilliant feel good record that is beyond words .The level of musical genius given in this record, is beyond any description words can give, with a sound that leaves you speechless. The production brings a fresh yet familiar sound that has a brightness to it, that shines and makes you feel the glow of the music instantly, and works in perfect harmony with the vocals that does wonders to the spirit, as the love in the writing comes to life, to make a record you will want to keep on repeat due to the blissful feeling it gives you with every listen.

Check out Kelli-Leigh “Birds and the Bees” below and follow her on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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